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General Operator

Posted: November 2019 Type: Permanent Job Order: -


South America, Mexico, Caribbean, Qatar



Diploma or equivalent, including two (2) years technical training e.g CNAQ or equivalent


Languages Required:

Must have advanced level English skills (reading, writing, comprehension)


Minimum Requirement:

  • 7 Years of operations experience in multiple units of Refinery.
  • Must achieve minimum Level 4 English competence.
  • Team Leadership/Surveillance / analysis & vigilance skills and control.
  • Good knowledge of Operational Procedures.
  • Full working knowledge of relevant units and protection system.
  • Undergone HSE related trainings


Job Scope:

Control and Monitor the field Operations of the assigned units, lead and guide the field operators to assure safe and reliable operations. Responsible and accountable for safe start-up/shutdown of field equipment and respond to Refinery emergency situation for asset protection and minimising production loss.

  • Coordinate, monitor and control field operations of assigned units, including normal operations, start up and shutdown, commissioning and testing of new equipment and emergencies, as per standard procedures.
  • Takeover and handover shifts with the details of any operational highlights in an orderly and efficient manner and log field operations activities, equipment status and on-going maintenance activities in the unit.
  • Ensure that daily orders/operating instructions from Supervisor/Panel Operator are implemented and give feedback to Supervisor.
  • Verify critical readings, and conditions; report identified abnormalities to Supervisor/Panel Operator.
  • Conduct regular checks of unit equipment condition; notify/ alert the Panel operator, and Supervisor; guide field operator in all operations being carried out in any of his assigned areas, and record/ report faults or any abnormality.
  • Ensures chemical handling and adjust chemical rates.
  • Prepare the units equipment for maintenance as per the Permit requirements; Coordinate with Supervisor, Panel and Field Operators regarding the work permits and jobs for related equipment, ensuring compliance with PTW procedures and completion of the maintenance job including housekeeping
  • Ensure no unauthorized draining or venting of hydrocarbon.
  • Collect routine and non-routine samples and perform field test wherever applicable.
  • Assist in Training Assistant operators, OJT’s and Developees as per company Policy with special emphasis on Qatari Development.
  • Adhere to Safety and Environmental Regulations. Maintain validity of Safety training courses; confirm regularly that safety shower systems are working; maintain good housekeeping throughout the operating area, check validity of scaffolding, portable and stationary Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) devices, and First aid kits and report.
  • Perform specified first line maintenance under authorization of Shift Supervisor.




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