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Posted: November 2019 Type: Permanent Job Order: -


South America, Caribbean & Mexico, Qatar



  • HigherSecondaryCertificate or equivalent



Languages Required:

Advanced level English required (reading, writing, comprehension)


Minimum Requirement:

  • 7 Years of operations experience in a Refinery with 3 years in the specific unit
  • TPP or equivalent
  • Good workingknowledge of relevant process units.
  • Good knowledge in basic calculations.
  • Good surveillance,vigilance and control in Operations.
  • Follows Refinery policies and procedures in line with Company’s mission.
  • Good working knowledge of English.
  • Undergone HSE related trainings


Job Scope:

Operate field equipment that include static and rotary of assigned unit safely; carryout routine checks of the field equipment and fill the field logs; implement the cascaded instructions from Panel operator/General Operator for safe startup, shutdown and plant emergencies. Operator forms an integral part of the system of achieving the production target. 

  1. Carry out field operation of assigned units and operate the field equipment including static and rotating equipment during normal operations, start-up & shutdown, commissioning and emergency situation according to refinery operating procedures and work instructions under the guidance of General Operator, in special cases Panel Operator.
  2. Takeover and handover shifts with the details of any operational highlights in an orderly and efficient manner and log field operations activities, equipment status and on-going maintenance activities in the unit.
  3. Conduct regular checks and monitor unit field parameters; notify/ alert the General Operator/Panel operator, and Supervisor; participate in all operations being carried out in any of his assigned areas, and record/ report Faults or any abnormality.
  4. Monitor Field Alarms, and conditions; and takes corrective action under the guidance of the general operator or panel operator; inspect equipment and observe alarms to determine location and nature of malfunction such as leaks or breakdowns.
  5. Prepare the units equipment for maintenance as per the Permit requirements; verify the PTW recommendations are implemented and sign the permit before starting the work under the guidance of General Operator; check for completion and housekeeping after maintenance job is completed and report.
  6. Follow and implement all instructions transmitted by Panel Operator/ General Operator as a directive from shift supervisor and report.
  7. Collect routine and non-routine samples. Perform field test wherever applicable.
  8. Respond to the emergencies as per the emergency response procedure to avoid equipment damage and minimize production loss with consultation with shift supervisor.
  9. Adhere to Safety and Environmental Regulations. Maintain validity of Safety training courses; confirm regularly that safety shower systems are working; maintain good housekeeping throughout the operating area, check validity of scaffolding , portable and stationary Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) devices, and First aid kits and report.
  10. Assist in Training Assistant operators, OJT’s and Developees as per company Policy with special emphasis on Qatari Development.
  11. Perform specified first line maintenance under authorization of Shift Supervisor.


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