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General Technician (Mechanical)

Posted: February 2019 Type: Permanent Job Order: -





Qualified with a Diploma/Certificate in Mechanical Technology from a recognized institution


Languages Required:

Must be fluent in English (writing, speaking & comprehension)


Minimum Requirement:

  • Extensive knowledge of Mechanical Rotary equipment. 
  • Ability to work in a multinational environment.
  • Minimum of 8 years experience in Refinery/Oil& Gas/Petrochemical plants.  Must have experience in Pumps (Single & Multistage), Steam/Gas Turbines, centrifugal & Reciprocating Compressors, Turbo machinery etc.
  • Capable of using computer for creating permits in RIS, Preferably having knowledge & experience of using SAP & MS Office (Word & Excel)



Job Scope:

  • Carry out highly skilled maintenance, repair and overhaul of Rotary equipment such as Pumps, Compressors, Steam/Gas turbines, Air fans, Mixers, Turbo Machinery  etc. and minor/routine maintenance of static equipment  installed at QP Refinery process units i.e. Refinery 1 & 2, RFCC, Condensate Refinery, Utilities/Off sites, Tank Farm and Berth#6.
  • Receives verbal/written instructions from Sr. Mechanical Engineer / Mechanical Engineer, obtains permit through RIS, organizes tools, tackles & spares from store and completes the maintenance work as assigned with minimum supervision from Engineers.
  • Carries out Preventive maintenance work on Rotary equipment as per schedule & records all the activities in the PM checklist.  The job includes replacement of defective parts and carrying out various check ups as required.
  • Carries out Corrective maintenance of all types of Rotary equipment, which includes assembly/disassembly, bearings & seal renewal, alignment correction, etc.
  • To perform the lubrication of the rotary equipment including checking / filling lube oil/ grease in bearing housings, oil consoles, crank cases etc. Replacement and cleaning of lube oil systems, filters, lube oil sight glasses, hydraulic oil filters, maintain auto greasing and drip feeding systems etc. Recommend/ request asset integrity team to perform oil analysis, if required.
  • Performs major equipment overhauls and participates in shutdown works.  Carries out correct measurements of clearances/tolerances using a wide range of measuring instruments such as micrometer, Vernier calliper, depth gauge, feeler gauge etc.
  • Participates in Annual turnarounds and keeps record of all the assigned Maintenance Tasks and provides feedback to Engineer.
  • Coordinates closely with other maintenance disciplines and other departments including Operations & Inspection to complete the assigned jobs and ensures equipment is retained in a functional & good operating condition.
  • To use SAP as per requirement for checking the details of work orders/ notifications, for checking the availability of spares, making material reservations for the assigned work orders etc.
  • Maintains equipment history and ensures correct management of work orders.  Assists in the up-gradation of maintenance procedures to ensure good overall coordination of start-up, shutdown, commissioning of new equipment.
  • Ensures that the company environmental, health and safety procedures are adhered to while performing maintenance work inside the Refinery. Ensures housekeeping of area after completion of assigned task.
  • Provides support on the training of Qatari staff.



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