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Geologist Specialist

Posted: June 2021 Type: Permanent Job Order: -





University Degree


Languages Required:



Minimum Requirement:

  • Minimum of 15 years working experience as Reservoir and Production Geologist
  • Minimum of 5 years working experience in Carbonate reservoir
  • Good command in sequence stratigraphy concept (including well correlation) and its processes
  • Good understanding of carbonate reservoir characterization, specifically on Sedimentology

(Lithology and Facies distribution), environment of deposition as well as diagenesis processes

  • Exposure to petrographic, core description and/or steward core analysis will be a plus
  • Exposure to reservoir surveillance work, integrate production data and production logs
  • Ability to use Petrel software for geological work
  • Experience in tendering/contract
  • G&G site survey experience and survey planning/execution
  • Have carbonates, gas fields, major fields, Offshore, jack-up, land operation experience
  • Expert in skills within area of expertise (e.g. within Geologic Rig Support Operations, Field Development)
  • Experienced mentor


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